Optimize Your Team

Executive Coaching for Teams

Together we’ll build a high performing team

Optimize Your Team

Executive Coaching for High-Performing Teams

Together we’ll build a high performing team

Want to learn more about how we can work with the individual members of your team? Learn more about our Executive Coaching for Organizations

Elevate Your Team's Performance

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Whether it is an off-site or an ongoing engagement, we help teams build trust, gain clarity and collaborate more effectively.

Our New York-based team coaching program helps optimize how your team works. Our approach is anchored in the Enneagram, a powerful framework that leads to behavioral change at both the individual level, as well as at the team level.

Through in-the-moment coaching, team members will get an objective perspective of how to leverage the team’s unique strengths, how to mitigate potential blind spots and how to strengthen individual relationships amongst team members.

Executive Coaching for Teams Starla Sireno

Why Choose Executive Team Coaching?

Strengthen Team Dynamics: High performing teams are built on trust, effective communication and collaboration. We work individually and collectively to identify and address any dynamics that may hinder team performance.

Increase Alignment: Speed and competing demands often lead to ambiguity. Together we create clarity and a unified strategic direction that is aligned with the organization’s vision and goals.

Enhance Leadership Skills: Each member of your team plays a critical role. Our coaching focuses on building individual leadership skills to increase each team member’s contributions.

Foster Innovation: Great teams innovate. We encourage creating psychological safety, curiosity and idea-sharing to foster innovative thinking.

Starla Sireno Executive Coach for Teams

What to Expect from Our Team Coaching

Team Assessment: We start by understanding your team’s dynamics, strengths, and areas for improvement.

Enneagram Assessment: Our programs include individual and team Enneagram assessments to increase self-awareness, self-management and stronger relationships.

Customized Off-Sites: Whether a half-day, full-day or multi-day, we design impactful experiences tailored to your team’s specific objectives.

Ongoing Support: We offer a number of ways to support your team’s momentum.

Customer Testimonials

Simply put, Starla “gets it”
I first met Starla while working at PwC where she was highly regarded for her expertise in Executive Coaching and facilitation. Starla is very effective at understanding client needs and translating those into creative ideas for impactful L&D programs. Simply put, Starla “gets it” and I would recommend her for anyone looking to arm themselves with an effective executive coaching and/or learning & development strategist.
Laura McBride
Former Global Learning & Talent Development, LinkedIn
Our team has seen tremendous improvement in communication and role clarity
Our team has seen tremendous improvement in communication and role clarity while working with Starla over the past twelve months. She has helped us navigate transitions during a time of rapid growth and organizational change. Her executive coaching has helped me to think more strategically and to become a more confident, effective and proactive manager. I think we all have a better perspective of who we are and how we relate to one another because of our sessions.
Ruth Dekker
COO BlinkNow
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