NYC Coach Collective

NYC Coach Collective

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When I left my career in financial services to become a coach, it was both a leap of faith and the steepest learning curve I have ever faced.  I came from a world that valued bottom-line results, not people.  And now I was betting the farm on a career I knew next to nothing about.  I had never been coached.  I had never even met an actual coach before.  

But somehow, I knew this was my path. 

I was right.  Today, more than 15 years later, it is still my path.  What I have become profoundly aware of is that I stand on the shoulders of many who came before me – mentors, my own executive coach, supervision groups and a supportive community of friends and colleagues.  

The NYC Coach Collective is a community designed to support and elevate its members. With the help of Jen Bezoza, Judy Goldberg and Annie Perrin, we created a welcoming community for professional and aspiring coaches.

Who we are

The NYC Coach Collective is a network of NYC-area coaches committed to uplifting one another and nourishing minds and spirits.

NYC Executive Coach Collective

What we stand for

Nourishing:  By providing support, encouragement, and growth opportunities, we foster an environment of care. 

Uplifting:  We inspire positivity, and elevate individuals through shared experiences and mutual support.

Authenticity:  We value being genuine, humble, and real in service of fostering strong connections and a community of belonging.

Serendipity: We welcome unexpected discoveries, chance encounters, and spontaneous connections.

Generosity:  We support and celebrate each other’s growth and success.  

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