Integrative Enneagram (iEQ9)

Integrative Enneagram (iEQ9)

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

– Carl Jung

Integrative Enneagram chart

About the Integrative Enneagram

The Integrative Enneagram has, over the past four decades, proven to be one of the most powerful tools in the coaching environment. Paired with an ongoing coaching engagement, the Enneagram accelerates self-awareness and emotional intelligence. The result is more effective self-management, more productive relationships, improved effectiveness along with lower anxiety and reduced stress.

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*All materials have been shared with the permission of Integrative Enneagram Solutions.

How The Integrative Enneagram Can Help You

The Integrative Enneagram is a scientifically validated framework that can be a powerful tool for executive leadership development and team building. Below are some of the ways that the Enneagram can support leadership development.

How the Enneagram Can Help
Enneagram for individuals

Enneagram For Individuals

Executives rarely get objective feedback, making it difficult to know how to become more effective. The Enneagram provides an in-depth profile of behavioral patterns, both strengths and blindspots, that can provide a roadmap for future development.

Enneagram for conflict

Enneagram For Conflict Resolution

The Enneagram is essential for resolving long-standing tensions, miscommunication, and personality differences. We work with each party individually followed by a series of facilitated discussions to increase mutual understanding and provide alternative ways to collaborate effectively.

Enneagram Dyadic

Enneagram For Dyadic Coaching (Between 2 Leaders)

For leaders who work closely together and want to strengthen their relationship, the Enneagram provides a framework for improved communication, collaboration and leveraging the unique strengths of each person. This is particularly useful for Co-Founders.

Enneagram Teams

Enneagram For Team Coaching

The Enneagram contributes to more efficient, effective and connected teams. To learn more about our work with teams, see Executive Coaching for Teams.

Enneagram whats Included

What’s Included?

The Integrative Enneagram (iEQ9) Assessment and Debrief is offered as part of many of our Executive Coaching programs and includes:

• 40-Page Integrative Enneagram (iEQ9) Assessment

• 90-Minute Debrief

• Sample focus areas include:

  • Unique strengths
  • Core motivators
  • Blind spots
  • Communication preferences
  • Delegation preferences
  • Feedback preferences
  • Guides for development and integration

Integrative Enneagram  Client Testimonials

My time with Starla and the Enneagram were one of the most impactful things my company has given me so far.
The Enneagram has helped me in the journey to self-acceptance and understanding. I now have more compassion for myself and more empathy for everyone in my life. This was especially helpful in resolving a conflict at work. I was able to see the unintended consequences of my blind spots while, at the same time, also increasing my understanding of the other person. Rather than put people in a box, the power of the Enneagram is how it humanizes people.I now have a better understanding of what leads to a more fulfilling life at work and in general.
Pedro Gaspar
Senior Product Developer at Podia
It felt like someone wrote the Enneagram report specifically about me.
When I first started reading the 40- page report, I was shocked. It felt like looking in a mirror. It was a game changer that led to key insights and breakthroughs. Since taking it, I have become the unpaid spokesperson, telling everyone I know to take it.
Director, Commercial Platforms and Solutions
The Enneagram is an extraordinary tool for building self-awareness.
It confirmed behaviors and patterns that I had some awareness of but couldn’t fully describe or see the implications. Starla’s knowledge and experience with it was invaluable. She was able to help me focus on the areas that were most relevant to what I wanted to accomplish.
Vice President, Transformation
Starla taught me how to manage and deal with things in and out of my control,
When I was dealing with a difficult boss, Starla taught me how to manage and deal with things in and out of my control, particularly how to have conversations about the things in my control. The Enneagram was a great tool that validated my behaviors and thought patterns, in ways that I wouldn’t be able to do on my own. It is a complex tool, but Starla was a great coach and guided me through the feedback. I developed clarity about what I wanted at my job and learned how to utilize these tools and prepare for having conversations about my career.
Vice President Procurement
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