Starla Joins Official Forbes Coaches Council

starla joins forbes coaches council starla

I am honored, excited and just a little bit nervous about joining the invite-only Forbes Coaches Council, a community of top business and executive coaches selected across the industry, and contributing to through original articles, published Q&A panels, and more.

For those who don’t want to skip straight to the press release, click here.

Ummm…hello, how am I nervous when I’m doing all this marketing AND a press release? Well, like a lot of the leaders I work with, I am pushing forward even though my confidence hasn’t caught up yet.

So what’s helping me move forward even when it feels scary to put myself out there online? (Leave it to a coach to turn a press release into a leadership lesson!)

  1. My team, especially my marketing team. I have been clear about what we’re trying to accomplish. Get me more online visibility so that I can get off the road and build a business in NYC. Even when I want to shrink back, procrastinate or fly under the radar, they keep pushing me forward. (Find the right people who are relentless in their focus on the goals.)

  2. I have a lot to offer the right clients. I have worked with smart clients, innovative clients and really tough clients. I have seen, designed and delivered programs globally, to some of the toughest audiences and in some of the most challenging situations. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars to be a better coach and facilitator. And you know what? I don’t let people know that enough. (Doing the work isn’t enough. You have to let people know your brand and what you want.)

  3. I want to keep getting better. When I started out 14 years ago, I was terrified of public speaking. My first talk on goal setting at the Small Business Administration in San Francisco was cringeworthy. Every client, every coaching engagement and every classroom experience makes me better. If I want to continue to up my game, I need clients who will challenge me and expect a lot from me. (Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.)

Forbes Coaching Council will give me the chance to share the experiences and insights on leadership development, communication skills, and team building that come from working with leaders and their teams around the globe for the past 14 years.

So as nervous as I might be, this will be a great opportunity to share my unique perspective and help leaders here in New York create an impact on a larger scale.

For more information on the partnership, read the full release here.

Starla Sireno is recognized as one of the top executive coaches in NYC. Starla is in the business of transforming executives into better leaders and better humans. Inquire how to work with Starla or her team.

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